Welcome to i'SURE

i’SURE is a member of the Imperial Group – the largest diversified listed group of companies on the JSE. Specialising in niche insurance products, this means that:

  • we offer you the benefits attained through the vast negotiating power of our group
  • we offer you unique, first to market initiatives
  • we offer you true peace of mind

Our flagship product is the i’SURE Home Owners Comprehensive (bricks & mortar) insurance solution. One of the biggest personal investments an individual will make is purchasing a home. Having your own home is a dream come true, but is the mere beginning of managing this investment. In order to ensure that this investment grows, we need to maintain it, improve it and protect it. i’SURE realises the challenges of this investment. We hope you will find the solutions we offer to be fresh, unique and very useful value!

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